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Welcome to the Skål International USA Job Board, powered by Hot Travel Jobs


Skål International USA is proud to launch its memberships newest benefit. An online job board designed for Skål International USA membership.

Do you have a career in the hospitality, travel and tourism industry and looking for a new job in tourism or seeking someone for a job? Introducing the new Skål USA Job Board. Simply fill out the new job form if you are seeking a new employee or view the Job Board to see what jobs are available.

Be sure to fill out the form completely and attach a full job description.  Then go the Skål USA website section under  the membership area and see your listing  usually within 48 hours on the Job Board. Those seeking a new job, be sure to come back often as new jobs will be posted weekly.

Find your talented personal while assisting a Skål member’s professional life with Skål International USA new Job Board section. Define your future, and ours today.


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