• Judy Perl Worldwide Travel
  • 636 Broadway, Ste 1101, New York, NY 10012, United States
  • Mar 22, 2021
Full time Account Management Administrative Online Booking Tools Administrator Technology Travel Manager Finance Mid/Back Office Support

Job Description

Daily duties: 

  •  Check bank daily for transactions and monitor cash balance  Record commission payments and auto pay transactions  Pay Bills with Chase for approved bills from Judy 
  •  Enter transactions within Back Office and upload vendor/other invoices  Record credit card charges within BO via journal entry according to  month charged – keep receipts for these in a folder 
  •  Enter and setup res card for FIT, invoices as needed and or update FIT  invoices  
  •  Enter group bookings for the group department according to template  and direction from group department f 
  •  Negotiate and advise vendors/other for payment requests and provide  details as requested. 
  •  Charge any internal fees for booking or cancellation charges within the  JPWT merchant account. 


  •  Process payroll for company 
  •  Journal entries for payroll into Back Office 


  • Run open commission report after all commission is recorded for any  given month 
  • Bank reconciliations – checking account and savings  
  • Monthly bills include and are on autopay – review for correctness:
    • Medical insurance-ensure bills are correct and up to date
    • Vision insurance-ensure bills are correct and up to date
    • Sapphire business credit card-enter journal entry according to  month cut-off.  
    • Cortel telephone and NEC to finish contracts 
  •  Reconcile balance sheet accounts 
  • Create journal entry for commission (accrual basis) and any other  adjustments needed and approved by Judy or accountant. 
  •  Create misc journal entries as required and approved for write-off,  adjustments etc.  
  •  Issue Financials monthly 
  •  Oversee that the Allianz (travel insurance) items are entered into Client  Base and reconciles with Allianz statement. If commission recall, also  reconcile. Amount on the books is currently amount owed them as they  are waiting to collect till future sales 
  •  Oversee that the Travel Edge (main flight booking engine) are entered  into Client Base and reconciles with Travel Edge statement. If  commission recall, also reconcile and pay 

As needed 

  • Create invoice logo required templates for Group department  Create email cover letter template for Group department   Create res card and invoice for groups as needed 
  •  Move over cancelled group sailings in 2021.  
  •  Do cancellation in CB for both FIT and Groups- upload pertinent  attachments (agent copy for cruises) 
  •  Run financial future sales, etc as requested by Judy 
  •  Keep cancellation and Lost Sales spreadsheet up-to-date during  pandemic 
  •  Special request as needed – cash flow, TAMS reports, loan forgiveness,  Virtuoso etc. 
  •  Review FIT res cards and invoices. 
  •  Monitor active res card list to move from active -not travelled yet to  departed. Liaise with FIT and Groups for accurateness. 
  •  Quarterly-issue Agent Commission reports – both outside and inside  and adjust accordingly 
  •  Create HTML templates for both invoices and email cover sheet and  adjust as needed 
  •  Create cancellation policy for invoices for groups in CB. 
  •  Keep database clean 
  •  Make sure all bookings are balanced to 0 
  • Follow established format for profiles in CB – see profiles.   Coordinate insurance and insurance audits with insurance broker  including disability, Workman’s Compensation, Business, Liability etc  Create queries in CB as requested for mailing lists, sales, group  revenue. 
  • Create stop payments in Chase – as money is immediately withdrawn from Chase using Bill Pay, the stop payment process is different. The  funds need to be returned before reissuing.

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636 Broadway, Ste 1101, New York, NY 10012, United States