IATA Terms and Conditions

General Rules

All newly enrolled students are automatically registered to sit their examination in the first eligible examination session following Exam Schedule. An Enrolment Letter is included in each study kit. This letter specifies exactly which exam session each student has been registered for. It also identifies the IATA Local Coordinator responsible for organising the examination session. Students may be required to take examinations at an exam centre that is not in their home city or country of enrolment. All travel and personal expenses and travel documentation are the students' responsibility. The IATA Local Coordinator determines the exact date and location of the examination.Students enrolled in more than one course will be limited to one course examination per session.  Exam registration deadlines apply to each course examination. 

The enrolment period starts from the day the student has been enrolled with ITDI. Enrolment period can vary amongst different program, for details please refer to course description of selected course.
Examinations are held in March, June, September and December every year.

All fees and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

Exam Session Change

How can I change my exam session?
 You can change your registered exam session to a later date within the enrolment period, as long as it is done before the exam registration deadline. Under no circumstance will any excuse (including medical certificates and professional/legal excuses) be accepted once the deadline has passed.
Exam Content

What will I be tested on in the exam?
Examinations are based on the most current course editions. During your enrolment period, a new course edition may be released.  In this case, we will make available for sale a Course Addendum. Please visit the IATA website for details of the course editions being examined, as well as the availability of a Course Addendum.IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations students the second examination attempt may fall in the following calendar year of the first exam, the student will be tested on the new edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.
The student is solely responsible for acquiring this new publication for the re-take of the examination. In this instance, the student would only be required to purchase, if necessary, the current DGR publication only (not the DGR kit) and register for the second examination.

Exam Retakes

What happens if I fail my first exam attempt?
All enrolled student are entitled for two exam attempts within enrolment period. In case of fail, students should go to his/her User account and registered for second exam attempt within the course enrolment validity period for one of the available exam session according to Exam Schedule.

What can I do if I fail my second exam attempt?
Third Exam Attempt is available for all Distance Learning courses (except DGR). Students must apply for and re-sit the Third Exam Attempt within one year of having failed the second examination attempt for specific course. No refunds or excuses will be accepted.

Exam Material

What material can I take with me to the exam?

Travel and Tourism exam candidates are allowed to have and consult all course books and supplements from their training kit, which includes: 
-       IATA course textbooks
-       Printed pages from e-books (they have the IATA logo)
-       PAT Training Edition 5 Manual (including printed pages from CD-ROM version) 
-       IATA Fare Card

They may not use the Foundation and Consultant course foldout map

What am I not allowed to bring to the exam?
Electronic storage devices, atlases, personal notepaper, notebooks, diaries, photocopies other then course material and supplementary study material and not allowed. In addition, practice exam material, model exams and the IATA/UFTAA Folia/Legind foldout map are not permitted in the examination room.

IATA Certificate/Dipoma

How can I obtain an IATA certificate or diploma?
To obtain an IATA diploma or certificate, students must pass written examinations. Examination consists of exam paper with multiple choice questions based on current, the latest course edition.Information on pass level can be found on the course page of selected training.
Exam for eLearning courses  are sat online and the IATA Certificate is printed out of the system. No additional certificates are provided.

I have just passed my IATA exam. When will I receive my diploma?
The diploma will be dispatched to your Local Coordinator or ATC 4-6 weeks after the exam result release date, as indicated on the Exam Calendar

Examination Results

Where and when can I find out about my exam results?
The exam release result date is indicated on our Exam Calendar
Please note that IATA cannot enter into correspondence concerning individual examination results or any other details concerning the marks obtained. All exam results are final and no exceptions can be made. Exam results are sent only to Local Coordinators and Authorized Training Centers, who will then share exam results with their students

Change of Address

What if my address changes (within the same country)?
IATA will process a request for change of address within the same country, without an administrative fee, provided the request is received no later than the exam registration deadline.  The following information is required by IATA: Full name, Client ID, Previous address (complete), New address, Telephone number, E-mail address ( if applicable).

What should I do if I move to a different country?
IATA will accept a change of country for a student under the following conditions: (a) the student forwards all necessary information to IATA Training Development Institute concerning the change of address, including full name, Client ID, Previous address, New address, New telephone number, E-mail address (if applicable). (b) If the Training Program is not offered in the new country of residence, the student accepts the responsibility for travelling to a country where the programme is offered for his/her examinations. (c) The student is aware of the visa and residency requirements to enable sitting the examination in the new country of residence. IATA Training Development Institute requires that an administrative fee of USD $100.00 be paid to process the change. Payment of this fee must be forwarded with the request for change. Changes in country do not influence the enrolment period. The student's enrolment period will be based on his/her initial enrolment and not on the date of the change of country. If the student wishes to sit the upcoming examination in the new country, the request for a change of country and payment must be processed by the exam registration deadline. Please fill in the Request Form (pdf) and forward to IATA Montreal.

Letter of Attestation

Can I get a Letter of Attestation?
IATA will provide a Letter of Attestation to students registered from 2000 onwards. This document affirms the Diploma or Certificate granted, the year, and the minimum passing grade. As well, it contains a short summary of the course studied, including study hours and course modules; An administrative fee of USD 100 applies. In addition, a courier shipping fee must be paid; Please fill in the Request Form (pdf) and forward to IATA Montreal.

Duplicate Diploma/Certificate

Can I get a duplicate diploma/certificate if I lose my original?
IATA can provide a replacement diploma/certificate to students registered from year 2000 onwards. An administrative fee of USD 100 and a shipping fee of USD 38 apply. Please send your request to examstraining@iata.org.

E-Learning Exam

What is different about e-learning exams?
Exam for eLearning courses are sat online and the IATA Certificate is printed out of the system. No additional certificates are provided.

Missed Exam

What can I do if I miss my exam?
Students who register for an examination and do not attend will be recorded as a "no-show" and will lose one examination attempt. An exception cannot be granted on the basis of a medical certificate or a professional excuse.