Nexion® is the travel industry's premier full-service host travel agency. Leveraging the buying power of our $21-billion parent company, Travel Leaders Group, Nexion has the finest resources for travel professionals of all experience levels and concentration. Our pledge is plain and simple:  Join Nexion, and we’ll empower you to build your business and increase your profits by:

  • Earning more with the industry’s highest commissions
  • Developing your expertise with award-winning business development and education
  • Networking and learning at national, regional and niche events
  • Joining an empowering team of supportive agents, dedicated staff and industry experts
  • Generating new business through proprietary marketing and lead generation solutions
  • Saving time and money using our efficient booking and back-office tools
  • Standing out in the marketplace with exclusive offers from our supplier partners

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or new to the travel industry, the difference is clear. Joining Nexion is the best business decision you can make. Agents are offered a choice of several programs for experienced travel professionals as well as “earn as you learn” programs for new sellers of travel. Travel agents requiring the GDS can opt for standard or deluxe GDS package. Visit to learn more.