Alliance Travel Partners

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Alliance Travel Partners serves travel clients throughout the world with outstanding service, personal experience in the places clients travel, and innovation in planning travel that has earned Alliance Travel Partners recognition from Virtuoso, the world's leading travel planning consortium. In fact, Alliance Travel Partners owner Judi Walker was a 2012 nominee as the most innovative travel agent by Virtuoso, our travel partner and the world's leading luxury travel planning company.

As a leading vacation destination, being located in Scottsdale gives Alliance Travel Partners a unique perspective on the wants and needs of travelers from around the world. We welcome many visitors to the Valley of the Sun and enjoy learning more about where they live, why they travel, and how our team of travel professionals can enhance their travel experience.

Our team of travel professionals are experienced travelers who enjoy planning distinctive cruises, luxury travel tours, and once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Our job is to assist you in planning each and every aspect of your trip, including finer details that make for an enriched travel experience. Each member of our team is dedicated to one thing—making your travel their number one priority!