RightRez, Inc

RightRez is a leading travel technology company that provides creative automation solutions for the tour, cruise, and crew markets. Our dynamic booking solutions, itinerary management tools, and custom development applications have served numerous clients in their day-to-day operations. RightRez manages your air reservations from start to finish providing automation tools to not only support and improve your current air department processes, but also improve service to your customers.

Our dedicated team will serve your business at all points in the air travel process. We believe in taking care of clients on more than a need basis. Our developers have taken the time to polish our varied products and each of our support personnel are trained on the nuances of any problem you may encounter.

We produce quality software and we have quality people to aid in reducing your air department costs. We currently service some of the world’s largest and most successful cruise lines and tour operators, as well as some of the smaller, and segment serving leisure providers. We therefore offer entirely customized packages, just right for your business and its goals.