World Travel, Inc.

World Travel, Inc. has the distinguished honor of being ranked the 4th largest independently-owned, US based Travel Management Company by BTN Magazine in 2012. We’ve achieved this level of prestige without mergers or acquisitions; World Travel, Inc. has grown organically since its inception in 1983. 
We focus on mid-market clients – those with annual travel spend between $100,000 and $30 million, regionally – allowing us to create targeted but individualized plans for each organization. 
We provide our clients with superior customer service, technology and customization to meet their business needs. This focus has helped us establish an unusually high client retention rate of over 98 percent.

Whether planning business travel for your company or leisure travel for your vacation, we have the resources to support your needs.  If you want your travel dollars to go further in an era of rising costs and meaningless interactions, we want to talk to you.  We pride ourselves on cultivating and preserving genuine relationships with our people, clients, and partners by proactively investing in their success.

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