Faith Journeys


... with corporate offices in Tempe, AZ and Atlanta, GA and affiliate offices in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

FAITH JOURNEYS combines the extensive resources of Switzerland's second largest travel group with the experience and knowledge of renowned religious travel experts to deliver a comprehensive selection of competitively priced, faith-based tour packages.

In addition, service-minded travelers will find that FAITH JOURNEYS actively promotes Global Voluntourism with numerous options for purpose-driven excursions. This rapidly expanding volunteer movement combines religious touring and the opportunity to interact with local people throughout the world in a deeply rewarding capacity.

But what really distinguishes FAITH JOURNEYS as the preferred tour operator for church groups is its emphasis on the spiritual aspects of all its travel packages. These unique programs incorporate faith-based concepts — study, prayer, fasting, service — as an essential and equal part of any pilgrimage.


  • Allows Christians to enjoy an inspirational and purposeful journey designed to enrich their faith and heed the call to "go unto the ends of the earth" and "do unto the least of my brothers and sisters as you would do unto me."
  • Offers believers a personalized spiritual adventure — walking in the footsteps of the founders and pioneers of their faith ... bringing to life the Bible and Church history and teachings ... celebrating with their pastor or priest, family, friends and members of their church or parish ... sharing God's abundant blessings through volunteer and purpose-driven activities and programs.
  • Provides clients with a professionally organized travel experience that is responsive to the spiritual purpose of their journey. Travelers are certain to return home enriched, inspired and refreshed, with a greater understanding of the roots of their faith and a strong sense of unity with their fellow travelers.

A Global Network

FAITH JOURNEYS is the world's premier provider of religious, inspirational and educational travel. With more than 100 years combined experience, its directors and management team include some of the most trusted names in the religious travel industry.

The acquisition of Signature Tours International gives FAITH JOURNEYS access to a vast network of pastors and churches throughout the United States and Canada that has been carefully cultivated and nurtured over three decades.

An exclusive, long-term joint venture agreement allows FAITH JOURNEYS to take advantage of the impressive array of resources and services that are offered by Hotelplan Holding AG, a Zurich-based travel giant with annual turnover of USD 1.9 billion and offices around the globe.

Hotelplan is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Switzerland's largest retailing group, Migros, with annual revenues in excess of USD 24 billion.