The Luxury Travel Institute, Inc.

The Luxury Travel Institute is an exclusive collection of Luxury Travel Advisors. Each Luxury Travel Advisor is carefully selected for her style and sophistication as well as her attention to service and detail. The Luxury Travel Institute features highly educated, award-winning professional Travel Advisors who specialize in resorts, cruises, spas, boutique hotels, country houses, ski resorts, golf resorts, island retreats, city sanctuaries, and game and wilderness lodges as well as complex world travel arrangements. The Luxury Travel Institute represents our clients’ best interests to exclusive destinations to create extraordinary experiences!

Mission Statement

We will create exceptional and sustainable travel experiences with a true sense and spirit in locations our guests desire.

We will go to extraordinary lengths to know our guests, creating emotional attachments by delivering highly personalized service with humility and grace.

We will create lifelong memories.

We will live by our values as we perform at extraordinary levels.

We are prepared and empowered to always do the right thing.

We will embrace and reflect the heritage of our destinations through our emphasis on art, architecture and the environment.

We will take an active role in serving our community.

We are committed to the collective success of the Luxury Travel Institute.

Vision Statement

The Luxury Travel Institute will be the brand of choice for discerning travelers, our communities, our investors and our associates.

Our Philosophy

The Luxury Travel Institute is devoted to delivering an elevated guest experience. A key part of the Luxury Travel Institute is a commitment to refined living through travel. Guests can expect impeccable hospitality, exceptional epicurean experiences, world class spas and an elegant yet welcoming ambiance with the goal of creating lasting and cherished memories. Pursuing this vision is a dedicated team of talented individuals with decades of experience in the art of hospitality. Knowledge and passion for exceptional personalized service are the foundation upon which the Luxury Travel Institute is built, and these desires are infused in each travel package we design.

Commitment to Learning

Encouraging our Luxury Travel Advisors to learn and grow...

Those who join the Luxury Travel Institute family find a culture that rewards and encourages excellence and growth, through our investment in each associate's education, training and development. Associates can develop and explore their interests regardless of their job descriptions and are empowered and respected for their unique views and opinions. Our success is measured through a joyful, fulfilled and valued team. Core values cannot be taught. They are imbued throughout one's life. The Luxury Travel Institute carefully recruits like-valued Advisors who want to work in harmony while expanding their professional skills and opening up new horizons.

If you wish to contact our corporate office please use the information below:

The Luxury Travel Institute, Inc.
Address: 17 NW 17th Street, Gainesville, Florida. 32603
Telephone: (352) 278-1595 (9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Time - Monday to Friday)

We are licensed in the State of Florida as a seller of travel. License number: ST37866