Travel Employment Agency

Travel Employment Agency (TEA) is a full service placement service that has worked exclusively with the travel industry for over 29 years.  Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Sherry Caserta and I am the owner of TEA.  My own career history prior to owning the company was in both retail and incentive travel.  I understand the mechanisms of travel, the jargon and what it takes to be proficient in the field.  This fact has always made us a cut above other recruiters.


TEA was started in 1981 and serviced the Minneapolis/St. Paul market.  In 1995 I purchased the company.  In 1997 TEA was introduced to the nation via the Internet and began servicing the nation.  Growth has not changed our basic philosophy, quality, communication and professional results.    


TEA provides a step-by-step process to make the most efficient use of your time.  We will make all of the necessary adjustments to work within the perimeters of your schedule.

  1. Email your job description to and we will post your job on line at no additional cost.
  2. Based upon your required qualifications we will email resumes for your inspection.  Career history, reference information and compensation requirements will be included in the correspondence. 
  3. Let us know which candidates that you are interested in and what is the best time for you to interview and we will arrange it with the individual.
  4. After the interview we will contact both you and the candidate for a follow-up.  If you wish to make an offer we will assist with negotiations.  If you are not interested we will provide final contact.
  5. We do not bill you until a positive hire has occurred.