Overseas Leisure Group

Overseas Network has serviced travel agents worldwide since 2000 and designs one-of-a-kind experiences that are tailor-made to their clients’ individual interests, travel styles, and budgets.

We specialize in the Americas and have explored just about every corner of this diverse continent to unearth the wildest, most original and most authentic experiences.

Accommodations are just one piece of the story. Where others stop at lodging, this is where we begin. We don’t have a brochure to choose from and we never build the same itinerary twice.

Instead, we dream big. We carefully consider every element of the traveler’s experience, from the moment they take off to the minute they come back home.

We offer up an impressive variety of products and services, with our connections that are exclusive to Overseas. We negotiate contracts with vendors, get creative with our tailored recommendations, and manage every detail to perfection, sprinkling in the magic like no one else can.