Who's happy and who's not

Although the employee survey focuses on important aspects dealing with staffing needs as our workforce closes in on retirement and compensation, we also ask questions pertaining to company training, raises and job advancement, as well as overall feelings of the job they have.
The results we have gathered so far are pretty interesting and are not far off of last year’s responses. For this newsletter segment, we will focus on the question: How satisfied are you with your current job?
The candor in the responses was quite astounding as the results will show. We will be breaking the results down by Corporate Agents, Leisure Agents, Corporate Travel Managers, and Other.  For the purpose of our survey, Other is the classification we use for professionals who don’t fall into the other 3 fields.





We can see a vastly different picture already, with satisfaction levels on the higher end of the spectrum being noticeably larger, Corporate Travel Agents being the biggest standout, with this year’s ‘very satisfied’ metric currently parsed at 17%, and last year’s analog of ‘well above average’ being parsed at a mere 9%.

While it is still far too early to draw any concrete conclusions, we’re excited to see if this trend continues once our data is fully collected and processed.