The age of Travel Professionals has become an important issue as of late in the Travel Industry.  With so many seasoned veterans aging out of the industry and taking retirement, an influx of new talent has been an issue at the forefront of many minds.

For this segment of our 2017 Survey information, we’ve chosen to highlight that increasingly important question directly, by measuring the age range of surveyed Travel Professionals.  While in 2016, we measured a general age range for travel professionals, for 2017 we decided to break things down a bit more along job lines to see what variance, if any, there was at a smaller level.

We can see the biggest increase in the 55+ bracket, with an over-all growth of 7%.  We can see the biggest decrease in a year’s time with the 35-45 bracket, declining a total of 4%

We can see that there’s a rather larger percentage of leisure agents in a younger age bracket, with a difference of 7% or 8% percent higher than Corporate Travel Agents or Travel Managers.  We can still see a consistent low trend in the 20-35 age bracket, which hovers around 2-3%.

Hot Travel Jobs has previously reported on the issue of age in the Travel Industry, and this year’s findings seem to bear our earlier predictions out, with the majority of the surveyed professionals fitting into higher age brackets.