As we are about halfway through our employee/job-seeker survey, we thought it would be appropriate to share with you some salary numbers we have gathered to date. It is important to understand that on the corporate agent side, the survey is somewhat skewed in the favor of those that are 55 and older. This group is the lion’s share of those responding.
The corporate travel manager salary average is coming in at $72,441 per year. The corporate agent salary is at $61,882 and lastly the leisure agent average is $46,777.
How does that compare to last year?
Corporate Travel Manager:  $107,131
Corporate Travel Agent:  $47,814
Leisure Travel Agent:  $46,101
We would like to note that these numbers are preliminary and we are confident that they will change some before the survey is complete. These numbers are only published to give you a glance at the numbers at our halfway point.  We look forward to the finished product.