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There are numerous words that could properly portray the beauty of the sites we viewed on our most recent SKAL Friendship Trip, but for now I will just leave it as WOW!

After finishing up several days of our friendship trip, we left beautiful downtown Lisbon on a five hour coach ride to the city of Porto. A city focused on heritage, rejuvenation and architectural centerpieces and the home of SKAL Porto.

Anibal Soares, is President of Skal Porto, and has been a member since 1966. Making us feel as family, he rolled out the red carpet with open arms to welcome us to to his city.

As we sat down we were awed at the beauty of the coastline as the trip took us to the ocean and back up the river. They say that the best way to view the city of Porto is by water, and they are correct.

As the voyage came to an end Skal Porto escorted us a very short distance to a famous winery called Real Companhia Velha, which translates to Real Old Company.

We sampled Port wines and viewed numerous vats of wine dating back to the early 2000’s. In particular was one vat of Tawny Port which contained 1 Million gallons which has been ageing since 2007.

To our friends in SKAL Porto, a very wholesome thank you!