Finding Your Way Again

By Dan Chappelle, Agent At Home Magazine


Remember when you first decided to become an independent travel professional?

You were so excited to be embarking on a new career, one that could take you all over the world—and you were even going to get paid for it! The thought of associating yourself with a trusted brand or finding a business model made the decision that much easier.

Fast forward to today. You are lost.

You are going through the motions, but don’t know what to do next.

Sound familiar? You are not alone. That feeling of helplessness is common among small business owners. Now’s the time to answer these questions to get you back on track.

What gets me out of bed each day?

Maybe it’s supplemental income, or my favorite, “I love to travel so I thought it would be fun to be an agent.” Whatever the reason, is it a valid one? If you can’t answer this question, you need to step back and figure it out. A sense of purpose —the “why” you do something—is the most important factor to your success.

Do I have the necessary skills?

Do I have—or am I willing to acquire—the skills needed to build a successful business? Do I have the prospecting and sales skills to create customers for my company? Am I willing to invest time and money to obtain the skills and knowledge needed to grow my business?

Do my daily habits contribute to or get in the way of my success?

Our primal motivators are pain and pleasure. Do you fear calling 10 prospects a day? If so, this is considered a pain motivator. If you frame those calls as potential sales, they will bring pleasure and reward. The key is to develop habits that contribute to the success of your business.

Do I have the ability to manage my business – and by extension myself?

How well do you understand the “business of the business?”

There is a saying that you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Do you know how to calculate breakeven, cost of sale and return on investment? Are you measuring the right numbers? For example, commission revenue and profit margin are much more important than sales volume.

Everyone will answer these questions differently. Some will come to realize that the travel business is not really something they want to pursue.

That’s okay. It’s better to figure that out sooner rather than later.

For most of you, the clarity that comes from this exercise will enable you to again see your “why” and become more engaged in growing your business.