The Travel Staffing Group Responds:

Through the years, the travel industry has survived many obstacles, including commission cuts, OBT, 9-11 and the economic downturn.  With every disruption, we have always come back bigger and better. 

The COVID-19 is a serious one, but we WILL come back. Our foundation of success was in place and although it will take time, it will return.  Many companies have laid off up to 75% of their workforce and others are working at 50%.

In the leisure sector, the independent agents took the brunt of the hit, because they cannot collect unemployment and face even greater hardships. In the meantime, I encourage all travel professionals to hang in there, learn something new and have confidence that we will be back to work very soon.

Travel organizations across the industry are fighting for some kind of relief.  I implore those who are looking at this, to please sign this petition and pass it onto any other colleagues.


Thank you, 

Gayle Walsh


The Travel Staffing Group, LLC