Corporate Travel Agents Focus on Self Improvement

Corporate Travel Agents Focus on Self Improvement

The shutdown in travel has not dampened the spirit of self improvement for corporate Travel Agents. In April, the Travel Staffing Group, in cooperation with Sabre, offered a free 60-day training course on the Sabre Self Paced Training Program. Astoundingly, over 250 agents have taken advantage of this offering and are actively updating their skill sets. Although Sabre training is free to those businesses that utilize it, agents who were no longer employed took the opportunity to freshen up or even learn another GDS. 

The Travel Institute has also taken part in offering free training; focusing in business writing and business planning classes as well as scholarships towards  their certification classes. 

“We have also seen a substantial increase in the number of agents purchasing our industry tailored resume writing service with our resume writer.” said Doug Walsh, director of marketing for Hot Travel Jobs. 

As the travel industry remains on pause, we are happy to provide a path for agents to improve themselves and work towards a better future.