The Travel Instiute's CTA Tuition Discount

 $399, with scholarship: $199.50


Certification matters … two simple words with one powerful meaning: Certified agents earn a lot more than their untrained peers. This recent headline in Travel Weekly was in response to The Travel Institute’s new “The Changing Face of Travel Agents” survey that clearly indicates higher sales and income are by-products of certification, especially the CTA, designations earned through The Travel Institute.

So, with the 5th annual Promote Your Professionalism campaign right around the corner in July, there’s never been a better time to earn that coveted certification while taking advantage of a 50% savings thanks to the generous CTA scholarships* through The Travel Institute Fund.

We at want you to become the best Advisor in the business and believe this educational opportunity will help you achieve that goal. Apply today and get on the right path to financial success through your certification from The Travel Institute.