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  • May 04, 2018
Full time Client Relations Client Relationship Services Travel Technology Travel Industry Global Business Manager

Job Description

The Global Business Manager is responsible for successfully managing the mutual goals of our client and company. The Global Business Manager is ultimately accountable to ensure all partners who service the account in the Europe, Middle East Asian Pacific regions are aware and engaged in fulfilling their individual obligations to ensure success in our delivery of all services to the client.

 Accountable to the successful execution of the Agreement and Service Level Agreement between Company and our client.

 Manage Regional Business Manager to ensure they develop, execute and maintain a mutually agreed upon business plan and will thereafter meet and discuss the business plan on a quarterly basis, and make agreed-upon changes thereto.

 Makes recommendations and supports to implement self-service travel technologies and to help reach our client’s adoption goals.

 Act as global implementation leader, collaborates and compiles necessary reports to provide updates and monitor success during new implementation of global accounts, implementation of new technologies including proprietary systems.

 Review and assess policy compliance factors and traveler behavior; makes recommendations for improvement to policy and/or improvement to traveler behavior in adhering to the policy; suggestion of possible process orientations and/or technology applications to improve both.

Oversees the coordination and calibration of the Company travel operation to client’s strategic initiative.

 Ensure service level commitments are tracked and reported appropriately.

 Ensure service level agreement is successful; manage Regional BM’s efforts to continue to adjust and calibrate the service level agreement based on client’s long-term initiatives and short-term activities.

 Conduct an annual Structural Evolution process to ensure process and technology design continues to be in sync with client’s strategic initiatives/goals.

 Evaluate and resolve issues that are escalated to second level. Track all issues to identify any service level concerns and/or trends. Manage Regional BMs collaboration with operations staff to meet client’s needs.

 Manage the Financial Pro Forma, ensuring its accuracy and personal delivery to client’s travel management. Support Regional BMs to deliver and review the Financial Pro Forma in person on a monthly basis to client’s travel management.

 Ensure the Company’s Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans are calibrated to client’s needs and requirements.

 Develop and implement creative crisis management plans addressing industry changes or crisis developments.

Oversee and manage all deliverable specific to the Regional BMs: track and report on supplier performances, savings generated, track and report quarterly on travel policy non-compliance metrics to client’s travel management team, track and trend enterprise air travel patterns to assist with contract negotiations.

 Prepare and gather data for RFP analysis.

 Consult with client’s travel management regarding supplier trends, relationships and potential negotiations.

 Identify areas in which company can continue to provide value to the client’s travel management initiatives.

 Strategically manage central communication amongst the Travel Operations Team, client travel management and company; identify trends relating to the industry and keep abreast of changes, updates and communicate to Travel Operations Team and to our customer management.

 Provide leadership and direction to the Travel Operations Team as it relates to the expectations of our client.

 Display flexibility and teamwork assistance to achieve corporate objectives.

 Special projects assigned by CEO or requested by our client.


  • College degree or equivalent work experience
  • 5+ years leadership and developed experience
  •  10+ years industry experience
  •  GDS –Sabre & Apollo experience preferred
  •  Understanding of financial structure and return on investment concepts
  •  Experience with ISO9001 requirements preferred
  •  Experience managing root cause analysis and business development strategies through others
  •  Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  •  Efficient organizational skills
  •  Proficient negotiating skills
  •  Evident interpersonal skills
  •  Proficiency in Microsoft office products including Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and Project Manager

GDS Required

Sabre, Apollo